Future Memories of a Past Self - T-shirts

      We opened up our shop today and as you can see we have a new T-shirt, which we pretty much effin' love. The picture isn't of THE barn we record/practice in, but it's a small shed on the same property, and it really does an awesome job of capturing the feel of the locale during winter. We also can now ship physical copies of the album. For either the t-shirt or the CD, check out our shop. All orders placed before the release date will ship on April 29th. Thanks again to Shayne Depugh (shaynedepugh.com) for the designs and to Josh Richter (onthebricksoh.com) for the photography.
      We can't say enough how proud we are of this album and we hope to see you at the CD release show at Apollo Records on April 29th (Event Info). Stay tuned for the next single off the record!

                                            "Future Memories of a Past Self" out April 29th!!


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